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The Importance Of Declutter Your Home

The environment in which we evolve is an extension of our mind and spirit. By creating a space that is minimalistic according to your style will bring up to you a positive impact on your well-being, your productivity, prosperity and love to you and your family. The design of your home should be easy to maintain and easy to clean. De-cluttering your home has dramatic positive effects on your state of mind. You will feel energized and balance.

The importance of Decluter your home - Interior Design Services in Miami FL

How do I start?

Gather boxes and garbage bags and start exploring the areas of your home that need help. It is recommended to start with the corner areas and start moving outward toward the entrance. If the house is a multi-story home, it is recommended to start at the top level and work your way down to the entrance.

The importance of Decluter your home - Interior Design Services in Miami FL

Let’s get organized

A good way to start this process is to make a list of the different areas of your house that need to be clearer out with the items in each space that needs attention. It is not easy, but it is totally worth it the work!! Open cabinets, remove all items, lay them down and start removing everything that is not helping in the process and the intention. Give it to charity or put it into your garbage bag.

We tent to keep clothes we never use, and are taking space in your closet. Donate all that you don’t need such as containers, files, makeup, electronics, etc, etc.

If you feel you must keep items, consider on buying or building storage. Storage planning is something that we Interior Designers know the best. But you don’t need to be an Interior Designer to organize your home, clear and create the best environment for you.

Use biodegradable products to disinfect and clean all surfaces.

Finishing touches

Once you have accomplished your goals and to got rid of all unwanted and unnecessary elements in your home, your different room such as your closets, the kitchen the bathroom the living room etc. It is a good advice to organize things according to category. This method makes life a lot easier when you need to find something. When it comes to organization we can say that it is the best decision you can make to your health, well-being and peace of mind.

Feel the joy of returning to your happy home. Add a plant. A beautiful plant in your home will elevate good energy and you will feel so comfortable.

Enjoy the process

If you create an habit to organized every 3 months. You will start adding new elements to your interiors that you never image before. Make sure you take pictures before and after so you can enjoy and feel good about your change.

Give yourself a present.

Live Better.

Be happy.

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