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Our process as design consultants consist on a minimum of one hour or as many hours you need to put together a design you love

If you don’t know how to revamp your space, organize and put together your furniture, or perhaps get advice on what the market have to offer, you are not alone, we are here to help you in the process. Our professional designers are ready to guide you in your color selections, placement and even space planning. We will be very happy to assist you. Our process as a design express consultation can consist on minimum one hour or as many hours you need to put a design that you like and to get your home cozy and sophisticated.

Colors of Design | Portfolio
Colors of Design - Interior Design - Key Biscayne
Colors of Design | Portfolio

Online Interior Design Consultation is an ideal solution for the budget-conscious clientele, and for those clients that what to take advantage of a service without leaving their home. This is a great service for a client to take advantage of our proffessional services regardless of distance, throughout your own computer offered nationwide. E-Design is an innovative and easy concept using todays technology via online that will aid you in creating the beautiful space you have dreamed about. Our goal is to help you through the decorating process and design a space that you will love.

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Expert Advice


• Proven professional with earned credentials and over 15 years of experience in the design industry.

• We can save you time and money guiding you to avoid costly mistakes in your decorating needs, from simple styling a coffee table to full room designs.

• We provide professional guidance and assessment.

• We are experts in budgeting and planning.

• We provide qualified resources to guide you in the right design direction.

• Get an expert Designer eye perspective.

• We relieve the stress, and hassle of sourcing the right products based on your budget.

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