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Color Experts of the Design: Classic Blue 2020

There is a reason why the color blue was selected to be the color of year 2020. This year 2020 is making us to be more at home than ever; in many ways this is a great opportunity for us to get organized and realize about our surrounding’s decor, furniture placement and specially the colors.

Color is an emotional enhancer that affects every aspect of our daily lives…

How to make our home more harmonic and happy to inspire creativity and productivity?

With all this time at home it is specially important to choose the right color palette to create mood around us, and nothing better than the gorgeous vibration of the color blue.

Pantone Color of the Year 2020 - Classic Blue - Colors of Design
Pantone Color of the Year 2020 - Classic Blue - Colors of Design

Indeed, the color blue is one of the strongest hues of the color psychology spectrum. Beautiful, deep, bold hues, such as navy and royal blue, are great for evoking confidence and are associated with admirable qualities such as loyalty, trust, peace and success. Lighter shades of the color give the idea of feeling of calm and tranquility at home which makes this color great for bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces where you want to relax.

Blue Interior - Color Trend - Colors of Design

Besides the above reference, the color blue inspired cognitive and intellectual faculties. You can become more productive on a blue environment. Blue promotes high levels of thought. However, since this color could create a sense of detachment or coolness , if is use too many, it will be great to contrast it with calm yellows, red or white or your favorite pieces of art accent accessories or mirrors. See it for yourself. A color of greatness, peace, calm, thought. Great 2020 color evoke the times we are living.

Marvelous Blue - Interior Designs Ideas - Colors of Design
Marvelous Blue - Interior Designs Ideas - Colors of Design

We love blue in all its hues – whether deep and dynamic like the Color of the Year or as a softer, gentler shade. Combine this color right and you will love your home again.

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